Just Cause is going to be one of those titles that get progressively better as they go. For those of you who have been playing since the first Just Cause, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. The changes that were made from first to second game are absolutely astonishing, yet there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s almost easy to assume that by the time we see Just Cause 3 hit store shelves; it will be the best release to date. Some of the things that need to be worked on though, really need a lot of TLC. They are not up to par
with the franchises potential thus far. Let’s have a quick look at what has been, what is, and what may come to be, on the island of

So you are a huge fan of Just Cause and you support the games as much as you can, but still it goes without saying that there are
some things that really need to be fixed. The short and skinny of it is that there are technical bugs and a lack of interesting stories. Many of the missions are quite repetitive and it seems now that Panau has been developed completely and looks amazing, we should be seeing a little more attention to detail in the story. We would really like to see something more than just a few of very similar cut scenes that don’t stimulate our interest in the plot. Just Cause 3 should really focus on making a more cinematic style of game, to really get the player into the mood for how amazing of a world you actually get to explore.

What can we expect to see as an improvement in the world and landscape? This is a really hard question to answer right now; there is room for improvement it’s just difficult to imagine what kind of innovation there will be. Going from JC to JC2 the number of things that could explode was great increased and of course the graphics got a lot better. We are just hoping that by the time JC3 releases there have been even more updates to maybe have destructible buildings or even landscapes. There are some innovations that can be made to the world, as previously stated its just kind of hard to know what they want to go with as they are on the fence of making or breaking the series with good or bad third game.

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